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The Honourable Chief Executive Carrie Lam
Office of the Chief Executive
Tamar, Hong Kong

By email [email protected] and mail

Dear Honourable Chief Executive Carrie Lam,

1 December 2021

lntimidation of Complainants by the Law Society as evidenced in the Judgement HCAL 113 of 2021

Enclosed is the Judgement of a Judicial Review I initiated against the Law Society on 1 February 2021 after multiple letters sent to the Law Society askng its Standing Committee on Compliance or SCOC to produce reasons for their overruling of my Complaints about Wilkinson & Grist sent to the Law Society on 19 January 2016.

The comptaints concerned the firm wrongly signing the letter of engagement with the Australian law firm I hired to represent our company, Australian Medic-care Co Ltd or AMC, in an Australian court case without noting that this would lead Wilkinson & Grist to be the guarantor of my legal charges and finally exposed AMC to the unreasonable and lavish charges from the Aussie firm, Piper Alderman. This was the Complaint of Unprofessionalism, leading to victimizatlon of AMC by Piper Alderman through signing the said letter of engagement by the Hong Kong lawyer complained of.


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