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19 January 2016

Dear Sir,

Complaint against the Unprofessional conduct of Wilkinson & Grist and its irresponsibility and indifference to remedy the aftermaths of its unprofessionalism in the Federal Court case SAD 17 of 2007 in South Australia

I am going to publish a case about the perceived injustice imposed on me by the South Australian regulatory organisations, including the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal. As it involves the ignorance or unprofessional standard of the law firm in Hong Kong, your society is informed in advance in case the outcry from the public is out of expectation. It would be better if you can offer help as this involves the Hong Kong population living in Australia or the human rights of the Hong Kong people there.

In 2002, when we found parallel importation of drugs represented by our company, Australian Medic-care Co Ltd or AMC, from Australia, we hired Wilkinson & Grist to sue the companies involving in the sale of the products for infringement of our trademarks in Hong Kong. However, the manufacturer in Australia, Hamilton Pharmaceuticals, claimed the ownership of the trademarks. Upon the advice of Ms Anne Choi, the partner of Wilkinson & Grist, we turned to the Federal Court of
South Australia to sue Hamilton for infringement of trademarks and failure to supply goods. Litigation started by the filing of the Statement of Claim in February 2007.


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